I have spent time and effort in this blog being critical of the way Argyll & Bute works, or not. That is right and proper in my view because there is much that is wrong with the council. Only yesterday I spoke to one of the lowest paid members of staff who told me in very blunt language that if the council was a private business it would have failed long ago.

Today I plan to email a brief report to all councillors in the council in an attempt to persuade them that there is an alternative way to address the major funding issues we have over the next few years. Read my earlier blogs on this here.

There are only 5 pages in my report and these should be an easy read so I won’t repeat anything here other than to say the change I propose is a radical one that localises political decision making and localises the delivery of services. It would also involve local people and the intention is to try and cure the Argyll & Bute malaise. My brief report can be downloaded at:

waste, structure and budget


  1. Alan Stewart says:

    Some excellent ideas here Michael, and had we a council with even a little common sense, they would be investigated further. Unfortunately the current administration are very unlikely to release control. What is needed is intervention from the Government to force a change such as this


  2. O. Carter says:

    Really sensible and thought provoking ideas. Hope all the community councils, and other localised groups get to read this. Well done.


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