The Silence Continues

The list of questions continues to be ignored. Heads are in the sand and there is clearly a belief that by ignoring the questions they will eventually go away. They won’t. Here is today’s email on the subject:

From: Breslin, Michael
Sent: 08 November 2016 09:45
To: Freeman, George; #All Councillors
Cc: Sneddon, Cleland; Hendry, Douglas; Milne, Pippa;;;;; Campbeltown Courier (Editorial) (;;;; Russell MW (Michael), MSP (;
Subject: RE: Councillor Mike Breslin hails victory in landmark free speech case [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]

Another day, continuing silence and another piece in The National.

Clear evidence of collusion between officers and elected members in the 1st complaint is produced yet Mrs Milne asserts that no inferences can be drawn from a refusal to reply to the list of questions. Mrs Loudon tells me that the response from Cosla was a professional reaction in response to a media enquiry raised with us and that We do not intend to make any further response

Remarkable stuff. It is clear an independent enquiry is now essential.

2 responses to “The Silence Continues”

  1. Alan Stewart says:

    Some of the comments being left on the petition:, are worth reading. They show a council that has no regard for the people in the community, and only have their own interests at heart. Never has it been so important that a council is subjected to independant external scrutiny than now.


  2. angusfiles says:

    You have at your cost Michael, have had to collate all the detail,on the who, what, where, when, and why.
    An independent enquiry along with a Serious Fraud Office investigation please.I see the SFO have guide lines as below.
    Well done again.


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