Walsh, the vindictive, again

Even though the most wretched councillor I’ve ever come across is no longer a councillor, he left a wee parting gift.

He complained about me to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards before he left with 2 elements to his complaint:

The first was about what happened at the February area committee meeting when a motion put up by Bruce Marshall and seconded by myself was deemed incompetent on the day. Motions are submitted to Governance & Law staff and it’s generally understood that if you hear nothing from them, and the motion appears in the papers, it’s been deemed competent. We heard nothing and it did appear on the papers but on the day of the meeting the governance officer said to the chair, the weak and incompetent Alex MacNaughton, that it was incompetent. Alex, being a feeble fellow and a Walsh devotee, agreed and it was dropped. There were angry words spoken but no wonder. In our view it was clear that Walsh had got at the chair and/or the governance officer. Walsh had, yet again, wielded the undemocratic clout he has had for years, and got away with it.

The second was that I had not declared the funds raised by my crowdfunder, would you believe. I had not done so because I saw no need to. The crowdfunder only partially reimbursed me for the costs incurred in defending myself against the complaint by the 4 officers who cannot abide scrutiny, Messrs Loudon, Sneddon, Milne and Hendry. A crowdfunder was also, by its nature, very public and the councillors and officers knew about it. Hendry knew about it and, as the supposed impartial monitoring officer, you would assume he should say to me that perhaps this might need formal declaration. But no, what he did was say nothing then he fed Walsh with the information that there had been no declaration. One pal feeding the other pal I suggest.

Anyway, the commissioner, Bill Thomson, had the good sense to say he wasn’t acting on Walsh’s complaint. I have written to Bill about this but that I am keeping that to ¬†myself. Bill’s letter to me is at the link below.

It never ends.

letter from bill thomson

Rothesay Joint Campus

I have written before about the appalling mismanagement of this school in the period from around 2010/11 onwards until the then head teacher was removed, at long last.

However, the current chief executive of the council, Cleland Sneddon, was overall in charge of education until he got the heid bummer’s post last year. He has never taken any responsibility for the state of this school and, of course, he has repeated his “it wisnae me miss” nonsense over the recent and appalling Education Scotland report on the education service.

The aftermath of the mismanagement of education continues today and for a flavour of what it did to the parents, have a read at what they gave me during Sneddon’s complaint against me, here. If you read pages 300 and 301 of the case papers at this link, then read what the parents said. One of those parents has fought a long campaign to try and get some closure on the way in which her family were badly affected by the mismanagement of her daughter’s education. Just recently she eventually managed to get the council to agree to a joint statement which can be read at the link below. It has had to be heavily redacted but you will get the gist pretty quickly.

Confidential Joint Statement

The questions about Sneddon won’t go away, not perhaps until he does. In my view he is the biggest problem there is in Argyll & Bute Council and the newly elected councillors would do well to remove him and get in someone properly able to do the job. But I doubt they will.